A perfect incentive trip begins with knowing the kind of experience you want to give your clients or employees. Much of the success can be traced to knowing: what cities are great places to include, which hotels and areas to stay at, what types of activities will be most enjoyable and what food and restaurants are best.


These are some of the keys to creating a great incentive!


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The United States of AMerica offers the pulsating metropolises, unique oases, towering forests, fields, high-plain deserts, two oceans, dozens of large, magnificent rivers and lakes, alpine height mountains and quaint little towns and villages define the real picture of the USA. Twenty five + major cities dot the landscape and no two are alike. This “Land of Opportunity” is an easy place to enjoy for there is something for every interest, reason and budget. The Incentive client is excited and enthused to be here while those attending corporate meeting or conventions meet the best and brightest in great settings. The USA is that special blend of classic, modern, trendy and exciting, all at the same time. The USA is multicultural, diversified and distinct.


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Our incentive programs are built on knowing our client goals. For every incentive, we propose a comprehensive plan that includes detailed description (itinerary, options and presentation of activities) and a corresponding detailed budget for every element of the incentive. The programs are fully flexible so if you wish to add activities, reduce the number of days or expand the program in any way, it is easily done. We offer expert knowledge so that your clients and staff have the best possible experience, exactly in the manner and style that you wish.


Grow your business by bringing out the best of your workers in inspiring locations.


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If you have any specific questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated specialist for this location - Adam Kral (adam@royalpraguetravel.cz