Allow Royal Prague Travel, a premium European Destination Event Management Company (DMC), to welcome you to Central/Southeast Europe. As the world moves relentlessly towards a new age, allow us to transport you to bygone eras. We invite you to travel backwards through the ages with us, from the times of the magical Celtic period, all the way to the monumental event that was the Velvet Revolution. As an area made rich with diversity through a constant clash of cultures, the traditions and folklore of this storied European region make for truly unique and colorful entertainment.

Travel through the peaceful Austrian countryside, or enjoy the stunning landscapes of the great Hungarian plains. Wander the streets of picturesque medieval villages, or the beautifully cobbled streets of Prague, one of the most well-preserved cities in all of Europe. Enjoy the elegance and charm of the Gothic and Baroque extravagances of the Habsburg Empire. Sail down the legendary Vltava and Danube rivers, fearlessly climb the majestic High Tatras of Slovakia, or join the splendid Jewish heritage tours through Poland.

Whether you intend to come for a few days, a couple weeks, or even for an extended holiday, we look forward to making your stay as pleasant an experience as possible. We here at Royal Prague Travel welcome the opportunity to make this your most successful and memorable journey yet.

We look forward to the beginning of something special!

When It All Begun

Royal Prague Travel has grown significantly since its founding in 1997. No matter how much we’ve grown as a company, we proudly remain at the forefront as a leading developer of industry-specific trends, constantly engaging in the implementation of innovative, forward-thinking changes for the benefit of the events industry as a whole.

Prepared To Be Ready

We are meeting professionals who think high how to flow and design your event to be even more successful, more encourable in communication, more spontaneous and brought to a prosperous conclusion. We are young and enthusiastic team, creative, innovative and flexible with fresh ideas prepared to be ready 24/7. We think differently and we act differently.

All Seasons Events

Royal Prague Travel is comprised of highly skilled, full service, event production professionals specializing in MICE business. This means that we have unique relationships with each and every destination, location and venue, allowing us exclusive access and providing for consistently smooth logistical planning for any meeting, incentive program, convention/conference, or exhibition in any season of the year.
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Since 1997 we have been successful in studying the modern trends in corporate travel as well as recommending quality in incentive and conference travel. The quality, uniqueness, character, and variety of places of interest in Central Europe are truly amazing and we know how to present them.

Any Thing
Personal Approach

We do optimize all the possibilities of the offered program along with costs in order to fulfil the client’s needs. We always try to understand the client’s expectations with maximum efforts. Our aim is always to have satisfied client and enriched members of the group.

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Long-term Experience

We at Royal Prague Travel believe that reserving good lodging and providing competent logistical support and licensed tour coordinators is only the beginning of our responsibilities. We consider this as a base, and all our cumulative energy goes into developing truly extraordinary experiences.

Any Time
True Professionalism

We always try to perceive our client. We do strongly emphasize on his/her needs. Our professional offer is always a complex and serious material followed by realistic budget. We never present only a list of possibilities but exclusive work of authentic resources.