Sonia Bolcková
“Tourism is definitely what I have chosen as my life devotion and those 26 years of being professionally active thought me a lot. Improve, Observe, Connect and Adapt – those are definitely the key words to play within in the long run in hospitality. Humbleness and Respect count for everyday life and I am trying persistently.”
Adam Král
Markéta Pazderová
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We would like to present you the selection of projects that Royal Prague Travel has materialized for its precious clients in the previous year. 

Live From Prague

Live From Prague

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  • Enjoy the Spring Festival in the Czech Republic

    Easter is the most important Christian holiday – enjoy the Easter markets, special castle tours or an Easter mass!

    You will definitely remember Easter in the Czech Republic. In Prague, you can enjoy Easter markets with hundreds of stalls, as well as the Easter mass in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. However, there are other unforgettable experiences to enjoy outside of Prague – just visit Olomouc, Plzeň or Velehrad.  

  • Where and How to Exchange Money

    Here are some tips on how to get Czech crowns at the best rate.

    Even though the Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union for fifteen years, the country uses its own currency – the Czech crown. Therefore, tourists sometimes struggle when navigating prices in stores and restaurants, and it is sometimes difficult to choose the right bank or foreign exchange office at which to exchange money. This article provides information about your rights under Czech law and what to pay attention to when withdrawing money from an ATM or when exchanging money so that you have a trouble-free and pleasant stay! 

  • On a Bike, at Ease

    Set off across the Czech Republic on a bike!

    The warm and sunny season lies ahead and it is time to take out the bikes and step on the pedals. Tourists on bikes have the advantage of not being limited by distances like hikers, and they can enjoy the countryside much more directly than from a car. Beautiful natural scenery, castles and chateaus, or adrenaline-fuelled adventures await all fans of cycling. Below are four tips on how to enjoy this time of year in the Czech Republic on a bike!  

  • Taste Czech Easter: Traditional Spring Cuisine

    You shouldn’t miss the excellent traditional meals served during Easter in the Czech Republic.

    Two opposites meet face to face at Easter – the strict Lenten period and great abundance. Lent is observed until the beginning of Easter and then quite the opposite follows! The spring festival is traditionally celebrated with dozens of various dishes. An interesting thing is that each region has its own dishes, which often differ significantly from one another. However, some dishes are the same all over the Czech Republic. We offer a selection of the best you can try during spring and Easter in the Czech Republic. 

  • 6 Tips for Flea and Craft Markets

    Do you know where to get an old painting, handmade pottery, or a designer skirt?

    It is getting warmer, and so the season for traditional markets has come! Historically, a market used to be a place where you could buy anything you wanted, learn about the latest news, and meet your friends. Today, the situation is a bit different: we usually go to the market to get in touch with history or to buy high-quality handmade craft products. Flea markets, where you can pick out second-hand goods, are not as popular in the Czech Republic due to the country’s unique historical development, but we can still give you some tips on which markets to go to for the best experience.