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Prague News

  • What Can You Do in Czech Towns in the Winter? Cool Tips for Finding the Best Ice Rinks!

    Winter does not bring enjoyment only for skiers. Why don’t you go skating? Thanks to ice rinks in towns, you don’t have to rely on Jack Frost.

    Skating on frozen lakes has its own type of magic, but large cities started finding ways to rival this. True, they can’t boast romantic backdrops of snow covered forests but they have their own kind of charm, often in the form of historical sites. Apart from that there are some other advantages. Town rinks are not necessarily dependant on the weather and thanks to their easy accessibility skating does not have to be a whole day affair and can be more of a pleasant break in an afternoon spent for example in Prague or Brno.

  • Winter Fun in the Czech Mountains

    With the country covered by a glistening blanket of snow the Czech mountains are the perfect place to spend your winter holiday. In addition to skiing you can look forward to other forms of fun and enjoyment.

    Mountain resorts in the Czech Republic promise a multitude of snow activities for everyone. Whether you come with your family and children or with a group of friends, the Czech mountains have something to offer everyone, ranging from skiing and sledding to nature walks with views of the mountain scenery from observation towers or just relaxing in the clean, fresh air .... 

  • New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic: toned down or loud, in the mountains or in the city

    If it’s with your friends, children or partner - there are million ways how to spend New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic. Here is our list of the top five New Year’s Eve options.

    Whether you prefer to hide away in the snow-covered hills of the Giant Mountains, party in the lively centre of Prague or visit a cosy Moravian wine cellar, the Czech Republic has New Year’s Eve options for everyone, including those who wish to stay away from the crowds. We realise you might find it difficult to choose from among the wide variety of great offers, so we have tips for the five best places where you can merrily bid farewell to the old year and welcome in the new one with style.

  • Czech Christmas Traditions: Nativity Scenes, Superstitions and Carp

    What songs do Czech people sing, what do they eat, how do they decorate their houses and where do they go at Christmas?

    At Christmas, Czechs traditionally serve carp for dinner and keep some of its scales in their wallets for good financial luck, girls throw their shoes, and many other unusual customs are followed. Everything has its meaning in the Advent period. Here you can read more about Czech Christmas customs.

  • Christmas Presents from the Czech Republic

    Souvenirs from the Czech Republic are no longer considered to be tasteless or impractical. So why don’t you draw inspiration for Christmas gift shopping from Czech traditions?

    Today, a small keepsake you buy in the Czech Republic to remember your visit by can be beautiful, delicious or even practical. You will definitely not be thought badly of if you decide to put a souvenir from the Czech Republic in the Christmas stocking of your loved ones. Though, can one really be sure of it? Absolutely, because the days when Czech gifts for visitors were of poor quality, tacky and useless are long gone. So before the festive season knocks on your door, take a look at the list of the best Czech products, which are often connected with a certain region of the Czech Republic, but luckily can be bought throughout the whole of the country.

Prague Events

  • Šediváčkův long

    24.01.2017 00:00 - 28.01.2017 00:00

    Šediváčkův long – extreme dogsled race

    One of the most difficult dogsled races in Europe! A course 222 kilometres long has been prepared for mushers and their dogs on this extreme dogsled race held in stages along the ridges of the Orlické Mountains with one obligatory bivouac (bedding down for the night in the snow).

  • 700 Years of Charles IV – Dying of an Emperor

    30.11.2016 09:49 - 26.03.2017 09:49

    On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the birth of its most popular sovereign, Czech Republic will also commemorate his death.

    The exhibition Dying of an Emperor held in the Czech Museum of Music commemorates the death and funeral of King and Emperor Charles IV, the most popular monarch of the Czech Lands. He initiated a number of construction and renovation works in Prague, converting it into a city that was worth its imperial status, and contributed to the development of many other Czech towns as well. Czech people appreciate his legacy today as well as they did in the 14th century. According to a legend, it was in the ceremonial speech at this funeral when he was first referred to as the father of the country, a nickname that has survived until the 21st century

  • Havel

    28.10.2016 11:04 - 13.03.2017 11:04

    This extensive exhibition, on the occasion of what would have been Václav Havel’s 80th birthday.

    The exhibition will present the photography of two leading Czech photographers, Tomki Němec and Bohdan Holomíček, who for a number of years recorded important historical events as well as ordinary moments in the life of Václav Havel, playwright, politician, president, and citizen.Over three hundred photos will be accompanied by hitherto unseen, artistically produced documentary film footage by Petr Jančárek. Photographer Tomki Němec is currently in the process of publishing a photo book entitled Václav Havel – Tomki Němec – Photographs., which will be presented during the course of the exhibition

  • Concentus Moraviae: International Music Festival of 13 Towns

    03.06.2016 16:35 - 29.06.2017 16:36

    Who says 13 is an unlucky number?

    The Concentus Moraviae Festival offers an ideal combination – linking musical experiences with visits to the picturesque towns of South Moravia and Vysočina.

  • Something purely Czech: Cubism in architecture

    03.12.2015 13:49 - 31.12.2017 14:09

    Join us for a unique exhibition dedicated to Czech cubism. Where else but at one of the most famous cubist buildings in the Czech Republic.

    In the center of Prague, a short distance from Old Town Square or Municipal House, stands a building very different from the others. Located on its front side is a black statue of the Virgin Mary. And that’s why this imposing building is called the House of the Black Madonna. What’s so special about it? It is one of the finest examples of a purely Czech invention: cubism in architecture. Its furnishings are also cubist. A unique and long-awaited exhibition dedicated to Czech creativity in this style will open here on 20 November. Furniture, ceramics, posters, graphic designs or selected works of cubist painting by Emil Filla and Josef Čapek and many others will blend in perfectly with the environment. The cubist parts of the House of the Black Madonna will also be a part of the exhibition. The house has a unique café, which, like the rest of the building, was designed by renowned architect Josef Gočár. It remains the only cubist café in the world.


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