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“Tourism is definitely what I have chosen as my life devotion and those 26 years of being professionally active thought me a lot. Improve, Observe, Connect and Adapt – those are definitely the key words to play within in the long run in hospitality. Humbleness and Respect count for everyday life and I am trying persistently.”
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Recent Events in the Czech Republic

  • Places in Prague Related to the Events of 1989

    Three decades ago, the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia fell. Which locations did this turning point in history march through?

    In November, it will be exactly 30 years from the day when a peaceful student march took place in Prague. The brutal police action ended this march but started a wave of resistance that led to a change in the political system. There were demonstrations, both by individuals as well as by large groups of citizens. The result was that Czechoslovakia rid itself of its totalitarian regime and after 41 years became an independent, democratic country again. We are introducing the places in Prague that are related to the events of November 1989 – the Velvet Revolution. 

  • Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution with Us

    Would you like to experience the atmosphere of the Velvet Revolution? Join us for the celebrations that commemorate the events of 1989.

    Thirty years ago, the communist government of Czechoslovakia fell and the country set off on a journey to democracy. Thus the 30th anniversary of the 17th of November has to be celebrated properly! Prague, where the Revolution took off, as well as other cities will commemorate the events of 1989. So, pin the Czech tricolour to your coat and come celebrate! 

  • St. Martin Traditions – Celebrating Young Wine

    The feast of St. Martin, whom the Czechs honour on 11 November, celebrates good food and drink. That is why we invite you to experience the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer this year!

    The feast of St. Martin is the time of year when autumn slowly turns to winter, temperatures start approaching freezing point and chilly winds often bring the first snowflakes, so it is high time to bring some happiness into our lives! The tradition on 11 November is to roast a corn-fed goose, and the first bottle of young wine is opened at precisely 11:11 a.m. St. Martin’s wines are fresh and young because they have only been fermenting for a few weeks. They usually have a spark and a lower alcohol content. There was a time that the farming year ended on the feast of St. Martin – farmers paid their workers, and that is why it was a time of happiness and abundance. Join in the celebration; it is high time to taste what this year has prepared for us! 

  • Czechia in an Apple Advertisement

    Can you recognize the places in the Czech Republic that play the lead in the advertising spots of the American mammoth organization?

    The Czech Republic is a landscape of old towns with melancholic lanes, a landscape of hills and rocks, as well as a landscape of forests and lakes. Each corner has its magic that is worth discovering. It is not for nothing that filmmakers favour the local film studios and that Czech towns can be seen in international blockbusters and ads by the most watched companies. Last time, Prague and other places appeared in the Apple global ad. It seems that Apple likes the Czech Republic. Do you know where they have made their ads here? 

  • 11 Exhibitions Organized on the 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

    We would like to invite you to exhibitions about the events that happened exactly three decades ago!

    The autumn and winter of 1989 brought a huge change to the citizens of Czechoslovakia. The communist government fell after 41 years and Czechoslovakia headed forward towards democratic changes. This year, it will be 30 years since freedom and democratic principles returned to the Czech Republic. The significant anniversary will be commemorated by various exhibitions all around the country. We would like to invite you to some of them!