Sonia Bolcková
“Tourism is definitely what I have chosen as my life devotion and those 26 years of being professionally active thought me a lot. Improve, Observe, Connect and Adapt – those are definitely the key words to play within in the long run in hospitality. Humbleness and Respect count for everyday life and I am trying persistently.”
Adam Král
Markéta Pazderová
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We would like to present you the selection of projects that Royal Prague Travel has materialized for its precious clients in the previous year. 

Live From Prague

Live From Prague

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  • Visit Czech Spas for Relaxation and Better Health

    Clean air, therapeutic mud, and sulphurous springs – you can find all of that in the Czech Republic!

    The Czech countryside has many unique features, one of them being spas. It is hard to find a region that does not have a spa, no matter how small. Moreover, using natural resources for treatment has a long tradition. Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně are well known abroad, but in this piece we’ll take a look at spas that are not as famous and as such offer more peace and quiet, along with trips to interesting places and hikes. 

  • The Seven Most Interesting Buildings Designed by Architect Eva Jiřičná

    The world’s most famous Czech-born architect is celebrating an important life milestone in March: her eightieth birthday. Do you know which buildings in the Czech Republic she designed and where you can find her work?

    Eva Jiřičná, a native of Zlín, has lived and worked in London for fifty years, where she has her own architectural firm, Eva Jiricna Architects. In 1999, she opened the AI Design Prague studio together with Petr Vágner. She has been awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, she is a member of several Royal Academies, and she has been inducted into the American Hall of Fame. Some of her most famous clients include Lloyd’s of London, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Joseph, Vidal Sassoon, and other fashionable names from famous streets in London and New York, as well as many cafés and restaurants. 

  • Combine Your Passion for Running with Travel Experiences!

    Come over for a run – why you should pack your trainers when visiting the Czech Republic.

    They say that running is the most natural sport for people. And it is a sport that requires almost no equipment. Maybe that’s why running has become so popular lately; basically, if you don’t run, you don’t exist. You can take part in international running races in the Czech Republic, whether you want to measure your strength with the best runners in the world, or you run just because you enjoy the movement. 

  • Tripadvisor Announces its Best Hotels in the Czech Republic for 2019

    Users of the Tripadvisor travel portal have rated the best hotels of the world. The “Traveller's Choice 2019” also includes a list of the best hotels in the Czech Republic, with Unitas Hotel at the very top this year.

    Tripadvisor, the best global travel portal, announces the best hotels in the world every year. In addition, the best accommodation facilities in individual countries are also rated. This year, Hotel Unitas in Bartolomějská Street, Prague, reigns over all other Czech hotels. The building, which has a long history, used to be a prison during the communist regime, and is where Václav Havel was imprisoned

  • Sweet Delicacies of Czech Cuisine

    In Bohemia and Moravia, tarts, pastries, and other sweet foods have always been popular. Allow us to guide you through some of the delicacies that you can try when visiting the Czech Republic.

    There is more to Czech cuisine than just goulash and duck with cabbage. There are also traditional sweet foods that have a long history and that, today, have been perfected by top-class confectioners. For many Czech people, traditional Czech desserts are a taste of their youth. Do you know what kind of traditional Czech desserts you can treat yourself to after a good lunch or with an afternoon coffee?