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One of the very best things about USA is the scope of our Incentive, Meeting and Leisure coverage - the very many locations for your Incentives, Meetings and Events.

In 2018 a truly anniversary is waiting for us, which is a direct commemoration of big celebrations. The history continues, but the Czechs and Slovaks are still close.

We would like to present you the selection of projects that Royal Prague Travel has realized for its customers in the previous year 2017.

We provided you a tailored package to suit all your needs when travelling. Come discover what we have prepared for you.

  • Not Afraid? Visit a Czech Ossuary

    We will show you places that only the most courageous can enter.

    Are you drawn to places that give others the creeps? If so, get inspired by our tips! Visit places full of secrets where you will feel a chill. We will take you to mysterious church crypts and charnel-houses with human bone decorations that will literally take your breath away. Morbid exotics in the centre of Europe! 

  • Advent in Prague

    Enjoy this year’s Advent in Prague. We will guide you to the most beautiful Christmas market and where to enjoy the true atmosphere of Christmas.

    Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the Czech Republic. Families get together to exchange gifts, and everyone gets into the festive and easy-going mood. The preparations for Christmas traditionally start four weeks before the day itself: at the beginning of Advent, the season of long dark nights, illuminated with the lights of city markets and concerts. 

  • Traces of the Communist Regime

    The anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain – and the Communist regime in Eastern Europe along with it – is approaching. Come with us and explore the traces it left behind.

    The Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, fell under the influence of the communist Soviet Union that lasted for more than 40 years after WWII. The ‘Iron Curtain’ came down and a barbed-wire fence was erected along the western borders with free Europe. The Czechs did not regain their freedom and democracy until 1989. Each year on 17 November we commemorate the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which ended the reign of the Communist regime. But that regime unavoidably stuck in the memory of the Czech people, cities, and the entire country. 

  • St. Martin Traditions – Celebrating Young Wine

    The feast of St. Martin, whom the Czechs honour on 11 November, celebrates good food and drink. That is why we invite you to experience the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer this year!

    The feast of St. Martin is the time of year when autumn slowly turns to winter, temperatures start approaching freezing point and chilly winds often bring the first snowflakes, so it is high time to bring some happiness into our lives! The tradition on 11 November is to roast a corn-fed goose, and the first bottle of young wine (vintage 2018) is opened at precisely 11:11 a.m. St. Martin’s wines are fresh and young because they have only been fermenting for a few weeks. They usually have a spark and a lower alcohol content. There was a time that the farming year ended on the feast of St. Martin – farmers paid their workers, and that is why it was a time of happiness and abundance. Join in the celebration; it is high time to taste what this year has prepared for us! 

  • Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of an Independent Czechoslovakia

    This year is marked by celebrations, exhibitions, concerts and social events that will come to a peak on 28 October. Do not miss the most interesting events.

    The First World War that rewrote the history of Europe ended in 1918. Old states ceased to exist and new states were born: an independent Czechoslovakia was among the latter. Today, one hundred years later, Czechoslovakia no longer exists, but the Czech Republic nonetheless commemorates this momentous anniversary. The year 2018 marks this significant point in history with celebrations that will come to a peak on 28 October, the day when independent Czechoslovakia was officially founded in 1918. We would like to invite you to the most important events taking place on or around this most important day. Let’s celebrate one hundred years of independence together with the people of the Czech Republic!