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“Tourism is definitely what I have chosen as my life devotion and those 26 years of being professionally active thought me a lot. Improve, Observe, Connect and Adapt – those are definitely the key words to play within in the long run in hospitality. Humbleness and Respect count for everyday life and I am trying persistently.”
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Live From Prague

Live From Prague

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  • 5 Unusual Tips for Cross-Country Skiing

    A snow-covered countryside, a white trail, breathtaking views, and fresh air…you’re one with your skis and heading down the Bohemian and Moravian mountains!

    The mountains are a paradise for lovers of cross-country skiing, and you can take part in this sport, which is extremely popular in the Czech Republic, almost anywhere in the country. Some of the most popular trails might remind you of city streets with how crowded they are, and so we are bringing you five tips on where to go when you want to admire the snowy fairytale countryside in peace and quiet. 

  • St. Valentine’s Day in the Czech Republic: Romantic Alleyways, Great Food and the Bridge of Love

    Where to go on St. Valentine’s Day? We have a few tips: go to a restaurant with a Michelin star, or a lookout point with the most beautiful view of the Vltava River.

    St. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and the Czech Republic is no doubt one of the best places to celebrate this holiday of love with your significant other. It is entirely up to you if you wish to take a stroll along the romantic alleyways of old Prague, take a selfie with your loved one on Charles Bridge, or go to explore areas outside Prague. 

  • What Is the National Gallery in Prague Preparing?

    The 2019 news in one place and well-arranged!

    The 2019 calendar of the National Gallery is full of events, exhibitions and new expositions. Whether you want to see art that people have been enjoying for centuries or that is brand new, visit the National Gallery in Prague. You will not be disappointed. 

  • Loosen Your Belt and Put on Your Mask, the Shrovetide Celebrations Are Coming!

    Enjoy feasting and carnival processions in many places in the Czech Republic.

    Sweet doughnuts, pork feast and colourful masks, this is how Czechs celebrate before the Lent period. According to a tradition dating back a thousand years, everybody should eat richer, fatty foods to build their strength up for the forty days of ritual fasting which ends at Easter. The oldest records of Shrovetide revelries in Bohemia and Moravia come from the Middle Ages, however these customs actually originated in pagan times. This multi-coloured tradition has deep roots in Czech culture. Shrovetide processions in the Hlinecko Region have also been added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Experience the Best Czech Restaurants

    Flavours from all over the world for next to nothing. That is the Grand Restaurant Festival.

    Would you like to try the best that Czech restaurants have to offer without going broke? Then visit the traditional 10th Grand Restaurant Festival. What is it? That’s simple. Ninety-one of the best restaurants from all over the Czech Republic offer degustation menus for very reasonable prices. The largest winter food festival in the Czech Republic is dedicated to the master of world art and science – Leonardo da Vinci! This year, it will be precisely 500 years since he died.