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The year 2017 is an important milestone for Royal Prague Travel as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

We would like to present you the selection of projects that Royal Prague Travel has realized for its customers in the previous year.

We provided you a tailored package to suit all your needs when travelling. Come discover what we have prepared for you.

We are pleased to announce that we have participated as a co-organizer in the M&I Forum Prague in September, 2016.

  • Autumn Full of Design

    If design is your passion, then you will love the end of October and November in the Czech Republic. You can look forward to two top events dedicated to design.

    Designblok and Czech Design Week – two events dedicated to design that complement one another. Designblok focuses on design and all its branches. Czech Design Week, at the end of November, mostly presents the independent scene, or the best and most interesting stuff from the most talented people, not only from the Czech Republic. 

  • 7 Tips about Historical Undergrounds in Czech Towns

    What are the undergrounds in Czech towns hiding? Monsters live there, legends are told and some of them might be true…

    The underground is mysterious as it often hides something that should have stayed hidden. The medieval times are long gone, so let’s go look at the most important Czech undergrounds. 

  • Top 9 Concerts: Is it Queen, Scorpions or Nick Cave?

    If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic this autumn, in addition to several trips, you can also see great concerts. Music greats are not only planning on visiting Prague.

    The Czech Republic was devoted to music this whole year, as one music star after another visited this country. Autumn is no exception. So, if you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic now, don't despair. There is certainly something for everybody. Below is a list of the biggest stars, whose concerts you can enjoy in Prague, Brno or Ostrava until the end of 2017.   

  • Autumn in the Třeboň Region: Experience Pond Fishing and Taste a Carp

    Experience the true fishing atmosphere at the largest pond in the Czech Republic and taste Třeboň fish specialties.

    In the Czech Republic, autumn is in full swing. In the Třeboň Region, this time of the year is associated with pond fishing. It's no wonder. In the Třeboň Region, fishing takes place at approximately 200 ponds. During this fishing, you can enjoy the water-soaked atmosphere. This tradition dates back 800 years. There are about 21,000 ponds in the Czech Republic! 

  • 4 Autumn Tips in the Czech Mountains

    Autumn in the Czech Republic veils mountains in magnificent colours and conjures up unique natural scenery that seems to be made for walks with friends.

    With autumn just around the corner, are you looking for somewhere to go for a trip? Autumn in the Czech Republic is the perfect time to visit the country’s mountain ranges. As well as diverse colours, diverse choices also await you. Visit the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic, a 500-year-old forest, glacial lakes, or the home of the legendary Slavic god, Radegast. 

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